Automatic cat litter box

Cleaning cat litter is something that cat owners can't avoid if keeping the place hygienic. For litter cleaners, besides choosing the right type of litter, another important choice is the cat's toilet - the litter box. So, what are the features of an automatic litter box?

Cat owners must clean the litter frequently, because if they let it sit for days, the feces and urine of the cat will emit a foul smell.

If you are a lazy litter cleaner, your home will definitely have an unusual smell. If you can clean up immediately after the cat has finished using the toilet, then there will be no odor in the house.

To make life easier for cat owner the automatic litter box was born.

The principle of the automatic litter box is also very simple, it uses the characteristic of the cat litter clumping together after the cat has finished using the toilet.

Once the cat has finished using the toilet in the automatic litter box, the cleaning mechanism will be activated by sensor. It will rotate and use a sieve to separate and collect the clumped litter, achieving the effect of cleaning in a timely manner and thus preventing unnecessary  odor.

Instruction for using the automatic cat litter box:

Placement of the litter box is a crucial issue. If placed incorrectly, cats may not even want to use it. When put in poorly ventilated areas, it can also cause the odor of the cat's feces to linger, making the air inside the house smell bad.

Therefore, the litter box should be placed in a quiet and low-traffic area, so that the cat can have privacy. It should be placed in a well-ventilated and dry area, so that the odor can dissipate and the leavings do not become damp. If you have the luxury of covered balcony it can be an ideal place.

The choice of which litter product to use is also very important.

12. self cleaning no mess, no dirty hands

When choosing litter, it is important to consider its clumping ability, odor control, ease of cleaning, whether the granules will cause pain for the cat, and whether dust is easily stirred up. There are now many types of  products and brands available, providing many options for pet owners to choose from. Since automatic litter boxes use rolling filtration to clean feces, it is important to consider the clumping ability and granule size of the litter. It is recommended to use a brand with strong clumping ability, such as spherical expanded clay litter.

The automatic litter box will sift the waste and dispose it into the garbage bin located at the back of the machine. To clean it, simply remove the garbage bin, and lift out the trash bag.

I hope this information was helpful for those of you who are interested in a more hygienic environment for your cats. 

Post time: Jan-30-2023